Wedding: from the appetizer to the dessert!

The reception is the highlight of the day. As far as the table is concerned, whether your guests are fine gourmets or simple gourmands, they will be uncompromising. The success of your wedding reception therefore rests on the shoulders of your wedding caterer, one of the most important expense items. He is the one who will give the gastronomic hue to your event. With his teams, he will also be the conductor of this beautiful day, in his own way, and if you haven't called for a wedding-planner. He will be in charge of all the highlights, from the cocktail to the end of the meal.

Specialized caterers for your wedding

Although an expert in the management of large receptions and a genius at amuse-bouche, wedding caterers are there to give you ideas and fulfill your desires. According to his specialty, his talent, his favorite products, the caterer will guide you in the choice of dishes, the elaboration of a menu, the catering service formulas. Some caterers offer animations or workshops around a buffet with a chef, especially at cocktail time. Several caterers will offer you a choice of hot or cold meals, reinvented recipes and even creations.

The trend of the moment

For the elaboration of the wedding day, some couples wish small workshops, scattered in the garden of the place of a reception, giving rhythm to the cocktail. They create movement, moving from one stand to another, which facilitates exchanges and discussions between small groups of people who may not know each other. Don't forget the furniture and decoration such as chairs, benches and deckchairs for the well being of the guests.

The cocktail scene

The brides opt for a long cocktail or vin d'honneur, with several nice little stands, ham cutting, oyster tasting, mini barbecue grill, plancha, organic stand. The dinner that follows is sometimes proposed without an appetizer. Just the main course, cheese and dessert. Far from the wedding meals of our ancestors who spent six hours at the table, some couples wish to propose a rather sober, convivial dinner. The idea for them is to be on the dance floor as soon as possible. Everything is possible according to your desires and what you wish to share with your guests.
A solution for every event, from take-away to all-inclusive!

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