Delivery of meal trays to companies

Some talk about a trend, others about a necessity to eat healthy in all circumstances: it is the delivery of meal trays in companies. It would be difficult to list all the benefits of such an initiative, so here are the most important ones to remember.

Acquiring good eating habits

Anyone who has ever worked or is still working in an entrepreneurial setting is well aware of the bad habit of eating whatever is on hand at lunchtime. This may be acceptable if it is only occasional, but in the long run its disadvantages should not be underestimated both for your health and your wallet. Eating healthy: our biological balance really needs it. You will find it easier to concentrate, improve your memory and have an optimal energy level from morning to late afternoon. Delivering meal trays to your office helps you avoid having sandwich crumbs all over your keyboard and work tools. But the most important thing remains the possibility to eat healthy even with a busy schedule. By ordering a catered meal tray, you will be able to enjoy tasty little dishes prepared from fresh, seasonal produce. Caterers, who specialize in this activity, try to stand out by offering their customers rich, varied and additive-free meals that help them keep their figure and stay healthy. The dishes are thus designed to be balanced from the starter to the dessert and the main course: pleasure guaranteed! Click here for more information.

Choose your meals according to your tastes and needs

Companies that have a canteen on their premises often offer a single menu that all employees have to take, without giving them the opportunity to choose what they want to eat themselves. What should not be forgotten is that each person has his or her own personal preferences and convictions when it comes to food. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you will find yourself eating the salad as a starter and the dessert on some days - a far cry from a satisfying meal! On the other hand, when you ask for a meal delivery, you can personalize your menus. Are you allergic to gluten? Just specify it to benefit from dishes that are free of milk and its derivatives. If you are a traditional eater, you will also be able to choose from numerous specialities and food combinations prepared by the caterer of your choice. Most caterers offer standard formulas that have been designed to appeal to the greatest number of people. This does not prevent you from selecting your dishes according to your personal tastes and religious beliefs, for example. It is up to you to see which meal tray you would like to obtain and to make your selection on the caterer's website.

Fast delivery without moving an inch

Caterers who have chosen to specialize in delivering meal trays in Paris have realized that employees have very little time for lunch. Responsiveness and speed are therefore at the heart of the concerns of this rapidly expanding business. Since minutes are counted, you won't have to wait long to see your menu arrive at your desk. No more endless waiting in the corner bakery to find yourself with a basic sandwich that will calm your hunger for just an hour or two. When you order a real meal, you'll have a delicious, well-balanced dish that's good enough to keep you satisfied until dinner. Please note: The delivery of meal trays is also suitable for banquets and corporate events: an excellent compromise to offer tasty dishes to guests and clients whatever their number.
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