Essential accessories for pastries and birthday cakes!

Over the last ten years or so, more and more pastry utensils have become available to the general public, whereas until then they had been carefully guarded by professionals in the trade. These utensils have become indispensable for any self-respecting pastry lover, both because they make it easier to make recipes and because they provide an impeccable final result. The caterer is the most suitable professional to organize a gourmet meal for a birthday party. His intervention makes it possible to celebrate it and make it a more than special moment. Family, friends and other guests will be delighted to enjoy the party and share with you this new year that begins when you will blow out your candles.

Choice of moulds

Different cake moulds are available: a cake mould, a muffin mould and a pie mould.  The silicone moulds were only used by professional pastry chefs. They have been available for a few years now for amateurs. They make it possible to pass without hindrance the delicate moment of removing a cake from the mould. They are easy to clean and can be taken from the freezer to the oven. They are also very practical for moulding preparations such as fruit pastes for example or for baking small pieces such as madeleines or financiers, thus avoiding the need to grease small pieces of cake.

Caterers' remit

The caterers are in charge of offering you a menu and making you taste all the dishes. Once the menu has been validated, they draw up a quote according to the number of guests. Grocery shopping, meal preparation and service timing are the responsibility of the caterers. Whether it's a grand or convivial party, they take care of making it a success. These are the vital points of the event and should not be neglected. The birthday caterer has the obligation to find special menus that correspond to your expectations, your image and your taste. Nowadays, even the birthday cake follows the trends. Then they start looking for the right room and offer a short list for you to choose from. Decoration is also part of the caterers' duties according to the agreed agreement. They are obliged to provide the appropriate materials and utensils, apart from the conservation equipment.

Essential utensils for pastry making

As a pastry equipment, the food processor is not simply an option, it is just indispensable. It is incredibly efficient for whisking large quantities of egg whites, whipping liquid cream or quietly making an Italian meringue, without the need to hold an electric mixer in your hand. It is also indispensable for kneading brioche dough, bread dough, etc.
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