Opting for a fresh and healthy kitchen and get yourself a plancha!

Want to take care of your body without sulking your pleasure? Feel like sharing convivial moments with your family and friends? Every day, more and more gourmets adopt the plancha. Just like them, equip yourself with a plancha adapted to your desires and your needs. Whether indoor or outdoor plancha, it allows you to meet with friends or family around an original culinary concept. The griddle allows you to cook without adding fat, so your food will preserve all their flavors and nutrients. Everyone can cook what they want on the plancha, according to their desires and tastes. With the plancha, everything is possible, frying vegetables, searing a piece of beef, preparing a tasty fish fillet is very simple. Visit www.rollergrill-international.com/ for more about electric griddles and plancha grill.

Easy maintenance

Its easy maintenance will encourage you to use your plancha in many occasions. The electric griddle, placed in the center of the dining room table, is ideal for families of 2 to 5 guests. For sunny Sundays outdoors or birthday meals on the terrace, the gas griddle offers the possibility to quickly and easily prepare a delicious meal for 8 to 12 people. If you are planning to organise a family reunion under the sign of sunshine and gourmet food, you should know that some gas plancha can even treat more than 12 guests. Once the feast is over, simply clean the plate and protect your plancha with a suitable lid and cover it with a cover. Thus protected, you can store your plancha on its trolley in your garden sheltered from bad weather.
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