Solidarity caterers, services and associations!

You dream of a solidarity caterer who works with small producers and who respects seasonality, refusing any idea of unsustainable crockery and limits himself, in order to preserve his artisan side, to one hundred guests. Don't look any further, today, the organic and artisanal caterer offers you buffets, cocktails, meal trays, breakfasts and coffee breaks. The catering service makes your life easy, and also advises you on organic products to consume to improve your health but also to keep in shape. And the vegan will be the most privileged.

 The easy life

The season, freshness and vegetarianism are very present in the associations' menus. At the moment, for example, magnificent lemon, orange and chocolate cakes, all 100% organic, are waiting for you. When ordering, you can also opt for a fully vegetarian or vegan offer and enjoy their vegetarian wonders. The packaging, that scourge of the sector that really can't be recovered and reused, is selected from recycled cardboard or paper or wood.

A caterer par excellence

Don't worry, your new organic caterer is moving all over the Paris area. Well beyond organic, the organic caterer also plays on the menus for charitable associations to be able to offer a 100% seasonal offer. They are solidarity caterers, and as far as possible, they give preference to the organic sector in the Paris region. To take the approach even further, all products not grown in France such as coffee, tea, exotic fruit juices and chocolates are certified fair trade.

A dream caterer of solidarity

While not all products are sourced locally, great efforts are made to offer customers quality products, meals and menus online. But also fresh and, as far as possible, artisanal products. The solidarity caterer always tries to offer you quality products. Let's mention a few examples: eggs, cream and milk come from Anthès, master cheesemaker since 1959, the home-made olive oil from the Greek city and oriental breads. The cherry on the cake, seasonal fruits and vegetables are strongly favoured by the solidarity caterer. Their only spice, as they told us, is eggplant caviar, in great demand all year round, and a few slices of tomato in Iranian sandwiches. Another important piece of information, they can concoct a 100% vegetarian offer on demand.
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