Family Meals-to-Home Delivery: Using a Specialized Service

Don't you have time to cook? You're not a cordon bleu either? Have a balanced meal delivered to you! It's quick and easy. All you have to do is reheat, it's ready!

How does this kind of service work?

The first information to give on the site is your postcode. The next page will tell you the next delivery date of ready meals and the available dishes. The menu changes every week. You make your choice among the starters and the dishes. Each one has a description sheet with their ingredients. You select the number of portions and pay according to the quantity you want. Once you have finished your order, you validate it. You fill in the billing information and pay by credit card or Paypal.

Order your dish at home, a real time saver

Dishes delivered to your home or office every week bring you peace of mind. So you won't have to run to the shops when you leave the office or at the weekend. If this service allows you to reduce the drudgery of shopping, you save time in the kitchen. You'll enjoy a balanced dish to reheat after you've done the laundry, watched the children's homework and vacuumed. Something that wouldn't normally be possible. The home-delivered meal is a practical solution for festive meals. Not only will you have a minimum of preparation but you will also be able to enjoy your guests. Moreover, the sites offer you cards for the period with noble products such as foie gras, fish and beautiful pieces of meat.

A meal delivered at home is not more expensive

If you are still hesitating for financial reasons, here are a few arguments to convince you. First of all, it is important to know that our portions are copious and the prices are degressive with the number of servings. You therefore have dishes to enjoy with several people, cooked by chefs. The dishes delivered to your home are moreover cooked with fresh quality products. From meat of French origin, fruit and vegetables bought on the short circuit, the home delivery companies carefully choose their basic products. This is a far cry from the sad and tasteless industrial trays. Finally, between the cost of fuel to go shopping, electricity for cooking and the various daily expenses, you will find your account. The delivery of ready-made meals is without obligation, so you are completely free to stop. Don't hesitate to try this formula to get an opinion.
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