Where to order your gluten-free meal?

Gluten-free nutrition has become the new weapon for many top athletes to improve their physical performance. At a certain stage in their lives, everyone wants to take a load off their shoulders from many stressful tasks. This is not always easy, but thanks to the caterers, this has become possible. The use of caterers is advantageous, it is more convenient to let the professionals act with their experience.

The caterers of the dishes

If you're running out of time and ideas for cooking or lunch and dinner time is causing you problems, catering can help you find your way around this new eating pattern. A gluten-free tray is a challenge that can help you meet this challenge with a five-day menu that includes lunch, dinner and a healthy snack. However, if you are an active person and want to eat well, caterers specializing in gluten-free meals are available for you, so you won't get tired of running at the end of the day. For the meal, savoury or sweet pieces to share with friends or colleagues are also available. Of course, we are always ready to listen to any special requests regarding flavours and presentation.

Menus adapted to the treatments

The menus are always worked with great care, favouring game meats, lean meats, wild fish and GMO-free foods. The meals are healthy, without preservatives or artificial flavours. The dishes are prepared with great care and according to the products available in season. Caterers can offer you sample menus for lunch such as Beef Kafka with tomato salad and roasted red peppers, for supper, ground buffalo and vegetable shepherd's pie and for snacks, fresh fruit with various nuts. These menus adapted to specific diets ensure a good dietary intake of vitamin D, omega-3 and magnesium by adding as many red, green and orange vegetables as possible.

Home deliveries

Every time you need a new gluten-free and casein-free menu is emailed to you. The delivery day is always open to everyone to order your menu of ten meals and five snacks.Don't forget, the delivery of the gluten-free meals to your home is done at your home or at your gym, according to the agreed arrangement.Payment is made at the time of delivery by cheque or cash.
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