How do you choose your butcher’s apron?

As a manufacturer of food consumption products, respect for cleanliness and hygiene is mandatory in a butcher's shop. Wearing a butcher's apron meets this requirement. It is now a marketing tool to make a good image in the eyes of its customers. As a dress code in the daily life of the butcher then, it is necessary to choose his apron well. Between color, material and model, the butcher has a wide selection of aprons for his trade.

Which apron colour should I choose?

The butcher's job consists of preparing meat, either in the slaughterhouse or on the sales stall in the shop. Without a protective apron, blood from the meat could splash on his clothes. He may also stain his clothes with dirt from his hands. So the butcher's apron serves as protection for his clothes. Therefore, the colour of the apron should not reflect too much of the dirt on it. Red, white and black are the most common apron colours on the market. You can find a model of these colours on A sign of cleanliness, the white butcher's apron is more suitable to be worn in a shop. As for the black or red butcher's apron, the colours are darker. The stains are then less remarkable. Because of this, they are more suitable in large preparations at the slaughterhouse.

Which apron material should I choose?

Although a plastic apron is available, textile is the ideal material for a professional butcher's apron. The former is cheaper, but it is disposable. As for the textile, it can be washed and reused more permanently. But since the butcher must be in direct contact with his customers, his apron should not be too stained. Thus, it is necessary for him to have several aprons at the same time for exchanges. Therefore, his apron must have a high weight to keep the quality of the textile for a long time, even if it is constantly cleaned. Thus, light and silky, the cotton apron offers more comfort. The polyester apron is easier to maintain. Finally, the leather apron is more resistant to all forms of wear and tear.

For which apron model do you prefer?

The butcher's protective apron is now customizable. You can put your name, the name of your butcher's shop or your logo on it, in the form of embroidery or screen printing. But the choice of the model of butcher's apron is made according to his working area. For example, a bib apron with shoulder strap covers his body almost entirely, from chest to knee. It is used more in the slaughterhouse because of the larger working area. The risk of soiling is considerable. The spread apron is therefore made for the butcher salesman. It is shorter and is attached to the hips with cords.
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