The electric crepe maker, how to choose the best one?

You have never been able to make pancakes jump without sticking them to the ceiling or turn them over without tearing them? The electric crepe maker is for you. Easy to use and practical, it allows you to cook beautiful, regular pancakes or cakes. It can even be placed on the table to prepare pancakes on demand. All you have to do is choose the right model of crepe makers like those available at for instance. The recipe for pancakes seems simple and yet making good and beautiful pancakes is not necessarily easy. With its often rimless baking tray and dough divider, the electric pancake maker makes it easy to cook pancakes. What's more, this appliance is also user-friendly. If it is installed on the table, the pancakes can be prepared on demand. This way, they will be much better than reheated. It can even be the occasion to make a show in front of your family or your guests by showing off your professional gestures. Or to let each one manage and eat at his own pace thanks to the mini pancake makers.

Size by number

A great model to make pancakes like in a restaurant. There are large pancake makers with a large diameter plate, which can be used to make large pancakes or wafers, as in pancake shops. The standard diameter is about 30 cm. But there are larger ones to make XXL pancakes: up to 38 and even 40 cm.

Mini pancakes at the table

Some electric crepe makers prefer the mini crepe format. These appliances are rather intended to be installed on the table for convivial evenings: the bowl of batter is placed at the disposal of the guests and each one prepares his own pancakes. Success guaranteed with children. Some offer to prepare 4 pancakes at the same time, or even 6 or 7, depending on the model.

For one-to-one pancake parties

To satisfy the desires of couples who love pancakes, there are small mini pancake makers for two people: with their compact size, they do not clutter up the table or kitchen cupboards. Some can even be connected to other identical appliances to satisfy a larger number of guests.

Variety of sizes and shapes

Choosing between a large pancake maker and a mini pancake maker is not a must. There are models sold with interchangeable plates: mini crepes one day and giant crepes the next, they adapt to your desires. There are even crepe makers sold with plates in the form of stencils, which propose to make mini crepes of various shapes such as hearts or stars...

Multifunction models

In addition to pancakes, some references also offer other functions, as the appliance can be transformed into a plancha, a grill or more original, a user-friendly appliance so that each guest can cook food in mini woks.

Professional crepe makers

They are often larger, heavier and more robust than crepe makers for the general public. They are also much more powerful. Above all, they are able to run for long hours without overheating or showing signs of weakness. However, they are not indispensable for preparing pancakes in the kitchen of a private individual, even for a large family.

The right power...

In theory, the higher the power, the faster the preheating and cooking. Most electric crepe makers for the general public have an output of between 1000 W and 1300 W, which we believe is more than enough.

And the temperature setting

The temperature setting seems more important to us. Indeed, some entry-level appliances do not have a thermostat. However, this is very practical if you want to make filled pancakes or wafers that are cooked directly on the plate. This allows you to adapt the cooking temperature to the ingredients used. Note also that some thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature more or less precisely.
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