Small household appliances, essential for a caterer!

It is therefore essential to choose your robot according to the recipes and objectives you have set yourself. 5 types of multifunctional household robots are available on the market. However, if you're starting out in the catering business, if you don't have anything to start with, the list is long and expensive. Today's kitchen equipment is designed to make your life as easy as possible, so that you can cook good food with a minimum of speed and comfort.

Different food processors

A food processor is an electronic device that offers several functions with less effort: mixing, kneading, cooking...  Equipping yourself with an efficient, versatile and stylish multifunction food processor such as the Magimix multifunction food processor offered is a great opportunity.  The most classic models are limited to mixing and chopping. But you will be able to find much more complete robots that allow you to prepare a complete meal. It is therefore essential to choose your robot according to the recipes and objectives you have set yourself. In order to cook in good conditions, the caterer needs a certain amount of equipment, from a small electrical appliance to a pastry machine.

A pro-equipped kitchen

Every professional kitchen needs specific equipment, whether it is bar equipment, snack bar equipment, or other equipment. There are 5 types of multifunctional food processors on the market. Blenders, food processors and baking robots are the multifunctional devices that interest most people. You need refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms in your restaurant. This is indispensable, in order to have a good preservation of your food and thus ensure a good quality of the products for your customers. Of course, it will also be necessary to buy all the kitchen equipment such as pots, pans and utensils necessary for the smooth running of your kitchen. Small appliances such as the cake machine that makes baking easier. There are several types of multifunctional kitchen appliances and depending on your expectations and your budget, it is not always easy to choose from the multitude of models.

Creativity in the kitchen

With the smart program, activate new features for your Magimix cook expert free of charge. If the kitchen is one of your favourite rooms, select the best one to equip it: oven and microwave, cooking appliances, the soft raclette appliance, adapt your utensils to your habits. If breakfast sets the tone of the day, think about the espresso machine, toaster and juice extractor.
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